Plating Anodes and Accessories

Plating Anodes

Soluble Anodes

Copper, Phosphorous, 1” x 1”
Copper, Phosphorous, Ball 25 mm
Copper, Oxygen Free, 1” x 1”
Brass, Ball 25 mm
Nickel, Square 1” x 1 “
Nickel, S-Round
Nickel, R-Round
Silver Dog Bone, W 3", L 6", 9", 14" or 18"
Silver Grains
Insoluble Anodes

Graphite Cloth
Graphite Plates
Platinized Titanium Mesh

Plating Anode Accessories

Anode Baskets and Bags

Titanium Basket, 2.5” x 6” x 18”, hook 6”

Bag, PP, 9” x 20”

Anode Bus Bars and Strips

Copper Bar, Round, 25 mm
Copper Bar, Rectangle, 12 x 50 mm
Titanium Strip, W 25 mm, L up to 1200 mm
Titanium Bolt, Washer, Nut, 8 mm

Principle of Electrolysis


Electroplating of a metal (Me) with copper in a copper sulfate bath.